Scam Alert
State of Florida Timeshare Fraud Information
OWNERS BEWARE:  A company called Brokers Group Services, from Kansas City, is attempting to scam timeshare owners into thinking they have a buyer, and before any purchase agreements are generated, are asking the owners to sign over their interest in the unit.  BE ADVISED that this is illegal, and as with many other timeshare scams, it involves signing away your interest in the timeshare unit without there actually being a buyer.  IF YOU ARE CONTACTED by this or any other company, either promising you they have a buyer, or even asking you to send them money ahead of time, WE STRONGLY ADVISE you against doing this.  Your interests as an Owner are at risk if you fall for scams such as this and it could very well cost you quite a bit of money in the process.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us immediately.
We strive to keep our timeshare owners as up to date as possible on the latest
Timeshare Scams.
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Timeshare Broker Services and Sell My Timeshare NOW combined to become
Vacation Hotdeal Companies, Inc. in December, 2008.
These are several of the companies with upfront fees.

The majority shareholder is Edison Venture Fund, and the CEO is Jason Tremblay.
The primary domain names they operate are (and not limited to):