Limited Use Ownership




With our new LIMITED TERM UNLIMITED FUN PROGRAM you enjoy all of the “pros” of traditional timeshare, and none of the “cons”, plus even more benefits for you and your family.

With this program, you can purchase a deeded timeshare at the All Seasons Vacation Resort unlike traditional timeshare, will be limited in duration to your choice of 3, 5, or 10 years. You will be able to enjoy your unit every year of your term, or rent or exchange it as you would in a traditional timeshare.  However, you will NOT BE BILLED FOR A MAINTENANCE fee during your term of ownership, and after your term, the timeshare reverts back to the resort with no further obligation for you!  No worries about resale, ever!

And there is more.  Along with your deeded limited timeshare, you will receive a membership in out TRAVELER ADVENTURE CLUB, offering significant discounts on hotels, rental cars, timeshare accommodations, timeshare bonus weeks, flights, tours, dining, golf, wine, and much more.  Your CLUB membership lasts as long as your limited timeshare at no extra cost, and after your timeshare has expired, you can maintain your membership for as long as you would like for one low annual fee.

And there is more…we offer financing for our LIMITED TERM UNLIMITED FUN program.

Stop in, call, or email us for more information as to the benefits of timeshare at the All Seasons Vacation Resort!